Custom Solutions

We work with you to prepare a custom tailored security package to include logistics and personnel that is suitable for your needs. Our goal is to keep operations running, allowing you to minimize any disruptions to your business.

Consulting and Risk Managment

No business, no matter how well prepared or resourced, can be expected to prepare for every eventuality and potential crisis. We have years of training and experience to assist with identifying known or possible threats.

Who We Serve

Maritime, Commercial, Construction, Industrial, Residential, Special Events

Setting the Standard

Customer safety and service takes precedence at Joint Security Solutions, LLC always allowing us to stay several steps ahead of our competitors; we use proven techniques and hard-earned expertise to ensure that your people and critical assets receive the best possible protection. We take the time to understand your security issues and work closely with you to make recommendations or develop solutions that fit your needs.

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Experience you can Trust

Joint Security Solutions, LLC delivers security services to a wide variety of clients. We provide professionally trained security experts capable of detecting, deterring and responding to a wide variety of security challenges in accordance with local and state laws. Joint Security Solutions, LLC employs seasoned professionals with years of military service or from law enforcement agencies. Our clients can be rest assured that their property, coworkers and business will be secure, enabling organizations to pursue business as usual even in the most austere environments.

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Trained Personnel

All Joint Security Solutions, LLC security personnel undergo a comprehensive assessment and selection process. In addition to recruiting security professionals with extensive military and law enforcement experience, Joint Security Solutions, LLC conducts a rigorous pre-employment vetting process to ensure our clients are provided with the best professionals available. After successful completion of this screening, candidates are required to pass a thorough background investigation and training course depending on the security contract. This process guarantees a consistently high-quality team of security professionals.

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